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“It was the best decision I have ever made to join the course”

“The course triggered a 180 degree turn in my life”

I’m really pleased with the changes I’ve made in my life since going on the course”

It was amazing to see members of the course light up”

“I went from ‘glass half empty’ to ‘full’”

“I can start to think about going back into work”

“The course gave me the feeling of being normal and interacting with life again – and feeling alive”

 “A big thing was smiles”

“I feel alive again!”

“Using the tool I have worked out what I can do to improve my mood and can shift it from a 4 to an 8 during the day”

“I appreciated the warm and welcoming environment”

“It was the best sort of environment for learning”

“Hearing others’ stories was inspiring”

“Through the course and connections I’ve made through it I have found sanctuary and hope and rediscovered my self-esteem, self-worth and self-motivation to reengage in my life. This has allowed me to look deeper and realise I am at a point when I can start to think about going back into work”

“It was inspiring and uplifting and I thoroughly enjoyed it”

“It has given me tools which I have put into practice. This has given me strategies to cope and to deal with situations”

“Doing the course has helped me increase my energy levels and really helped me to love myself”

“I really did thrive!”